The Spokesman of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories announced that the entry of 4 Palestinians into Israel, including 2 babies, through the `Erez` crossing point was coordinated today, Friday June 12, 2009. The Palestinians were transferred for life-saving medical treatment in various hospitals in Israel after a gas tank exploded in their home last week. Another injured pe

Date: 12.06.09    

These four family members from Khan Younis, were sent to different hospitals throughout Israel in 3 ambulances, after concerted efforts by the officers of the District Coordination Office, who coordinated the operation with the various hospitals in Israel and the different security forces, as well as with the Palestinian side.

The District Coordination Office in Gaza announced that during the month of May, 679 Palestinians, both patients and their escorts entered Israel from the Gaza Strip in order to receive medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.

The soldiers of the District Coordination Office will continue coordinating the evacuation of Palestinian patients into Israel for life-saving treatment in accordance with the directives of government officials and pursuant to the security interests of the State of Israel and the high moral code that characterizes IDF activity.