Today Monday July 20, 2009 the Gaza District Coordination Office coordinated, the entry of 17 trucks with equipment for the power plant in the Strip and the Palestinian Energy Authority which is subordinated to the P.A government in Ramallah, including equipment for furthering the construction of a sewage treatment facility currently being carried out in the northern Gaza Strip and is financed by

Date: 20.07.09    

The trucks entered via the ‘Kerem Shalom’ crossing point carrying large quantities of equipment including utility poles, power lines, water purification materials and pumps along with a special engine for the power plant that had been transferred to Israel for repair two months ago.

The Gaza District Coordination Office coordinates the daily entry into Gaza of approximately one hundred trucks bearing commodities consisting food products, medicine, medical equipment and supplies for international organizations operating in Gaza.

Simultaneously, the District Coordination Office personnel constantly monitors the activity of the power plant in the Strip as well as the progress in the sewage treatment project in the north, and makes concerted efforts in order to properly address, in real time, the needs arising on the ground – all in accordance with the policy of the security forces and the security reality in the area.