The spokesman of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories announced that the unloading of humanitarian aid from the flotilla vessels continues.

Date: 03.06.10    

30 trucks have been unloaded until now including, among others, clothes, blankets, school bags, mattresses, safety seats for babies, cupboards and medical equipment such as motorized carts, wheelchairs, x-ray specs, bandages, hospital beds and pharmaceuticals.

It should be noted that the validity date of some of the pharmaceutical unloaded from the boats has elapsed over a year ago. In addition, speckled camouflage fabric intended for delivery to Hamas were also found on the boats.

The Palestinians continue to hinder the transfer of humanitarian aid unloaded at the ‘Kerem Shalom’ crossing point. As of today, the contents of 8 trucks have been unloaded on the Israeli side of the crossing.

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories will continue to engage representatives of the international community and the Palestinian Authority to coordinate the transfer of the humanitarian aid in to the Gaza Strip.