The Village of A-Tuwani in Southern Mount Hebron region has been connected to the water supply

A ceremony was held in the village of A-Tuwani in the south Mount Hevron area on Monday July 26 2010 to mark the connection of the village to the water supply. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Civil Administration and the `Mekorot` Water Utilities Company.

Date: 26.07.10    

The Head of the Civil Administration, Brigadier General Yoav (“Poli”) Mordechai, instructed the village to be connected to the water supply immediately after becoming aware of the residents’ hardship as they were forced to replenish their water sources in Hevron.

In addition, the Civil Administration led committee discussions together with ‘Mekorot’ to find a long term solution to the village’s water problem, and the Civil Administration has in the last few days, issued a tender for the establishment of an internal water supply system to be financed by the administration.

Following swift infrastructure works by ‘Mekorot’, a water supply facility that will initially enable the filling of water containers in the village was installed.

According to the interim agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the water supply to the village is supposed to be provided by the Palestinian Authority, but because of the village residents’ hardships, the Head of the Civil Administration decided that his organization would assume responsibility for the project.