The Parents arrived to see their Children in action at the Jerusalem Security Area Coordination and Liaison Administration

Parents of soldiers serving at the Jerusalem Area Coordination and Liaison Administration arrived at the administration`s base in order to observe their children in action on Thursday August 25, 2010.

Date: 25.08.10    

The parents toured the base with their children and heard a lecture from the Jerusalem Area Border Police Commander about the operations in the region. Following the tour, the parents visited the Kalandia Crossing and from there continued together with their children to the Good Samaritan Museum and the Baptismal site, under the jurisdiction of the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria. The importance of their children’s activities was emphasized to the parents during the tour as was the fact that many of the events that the children deal with are featured in the local and international media.

Sergeant Dean Leibovitch, a soldier in the Jerusalem Area Coordination and Liaison Administration, told during the visit how while still at school in Israel he moved with his family to South Africa. At age 18 he returned to Israel in order to be recruited to the army and to contribute to the country. Dean lives in Israel with his brother while his parents remained in South Africa, but Dean emphasized that they were supportive of his move and are proud that their son is serving in the IDF Dean told how he feels that in his role he making a significant contribution to both the state and to his own personal development.

At the end of the day, the parents said that they can detect a sense of pride in the unit among the soldiers and that they had become one large family. The parents thanked the administration commander for the invitation and for the devoted care of their children.

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