The Spokesperson of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) wishes to note that this week, on average 300 trucks entered the Gaza strip per day through Kerem Shalom, under the responsibility of the Crossings Point Authority of the Ministry of the Defence.

Date: 21.03.11    

In addition, the relocation of the Karni conveyor belt to Kerem Shalom has been met with early successes. Within a week, the conveyor belt at Kerem Shalom has already brought in 4,600 tons of granulated food products. It should also be noted that this relocation will significantly increase the amount of wheat and flour that can be brought into Gaza.

In addition, in the framework of the joint operation between the Southern Command and COGAT: 19,000 tons of aggregate were brought into Gaza via Sufa to be utilized in internationally funded welfare, education and housing projects.

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Major Gen. Eitan Dangot notes that the number of trucks that entered the Gaza Strip this week far exceeded the weekly number of trucks that would go through Karni, even before the violent Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip in 2005.

The COGAT spokesperson also wishes to emphasize that Israel views the involvement of, and coordination with, the international community with the utmost importance. It is through such cooperation that Israel can continue to ensure the implementation of its civilian policy vis-à-vis the civilians of Gaza who are not involved in terror activities, and like Israel, suffer from Hamas’ tyrannical rule.