Cadets of the coordination and liaison officer course hold a concluding drill

On 14 April the cadets of the coordination and liaison officer course held a concluding drill to put the training they have undergone to practical use. The concluding drill simulated several possible scenarios that the would-be officers of the unit might have to contend with as part of their daily interaction with the Palestinian population in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Date: 17.04.11    

“The goal of the drill was to prepare and train the unit’s cadets for the various situations they might face and the pressure they will have to contend with,” says course commander Captain Idit Maggin. I expect the officers will be able to properly contend with the various scenarios, in real time.

Throughout the drill, the cadets simulated certain situations, including the interaction with the Palestinian population at the border crossings, land disputes between settlers and Palestinians, coordination vis-à-vis Palestinian security forces and more.

Unit officers from previous generations and of various areas of operation also assisted the cadets and shared their experience, guided them and dispensed advice as the senior commanding staff observed and monitored the drill.

Lt. Col. Hatib Mansur, commander of the School for Coordination and Liaison wrapped-up the drill by saying:”I am satisfied, and I trust that the cadets will be successful in their roles. I expect that the cadets will carry the “Commanding Triangle” with them: the upper point signifies the system’s approach, the second point signifies the good interpersonal skills, and the third point signifies the influence wielded by their professional authority.