The special delivery of aggregates to the Gaza Strip has been completed

On Wednesday, 20 April 2011, a unique undertaking involving the transfer of 60 thousand tons of aggregates from Israel to the Gaza Strip came to an end. This effort comprised 1262 trucks, which passed via the Sufa Crossing.

Date: 20.04.11    

This undertaking was carried out under the direction of the Gaza Directorate for Coordination and Liaison, the Overland Crossing Authority of the Ministry of Defense, and the Southern Command, and lasted for about a month (from 10 March to 20 April 2011). As part of this undertaking aggregates for infrastructure projects were transferred, particularly to those relating to education, healthcare, water systems and sewage treatment that are run by international organizations.

The undertaking was declared a success and was completed on Wednesday 20 April 2011, upon receiving notice that the aggregate warehouses in the Gaza Strip have reached full capacity.

For the sake of the undertaking, the Sufa crossing was opened for this purpose only, despite the security threats involved and the Achilles heel that its location presents.