COGAT Excellence on Display

On Thursday 5 May 2011 the officer course induction ceremony for the 60th class of the COGAT Unit was held, along with the certificate-of-excellence awarding ceremony on the occasion of Israel’s 63rd Independence Day, on the premises of the Southern Sharon Regional Council. The ceremony was presided over by Major General Eitan Dangot and involved the top brass of the unit, as well as its officers

Date: 05.05.11    

The solemn event began with awarding the ranks of second lieutenant to the cadets, with the certificate awardees among them (Second Lieutenant Bar Yona and Second Lieutenant Itay Na’or) receiving their ranks from Major General Eitan Dangot. Later that day certificates of excellence were awarded to the officers, warrant officers, regular soldiers and civilian employees of the unit who have shown exceptional professional expertise over the past year in their devotion and dedication for their job with a high level of interpersonal skills. The ceremony involved singing performances by the IDF Education and Youth Corps and the screening of a movie clip that describes the unit officer course and how it unfolded.

During the ceremony, the Coordination and Liaison School Director Lt. Col. Hatib Manzur congratulated the newly inducted officers on completing the course and wished them all the best in their new direction: “You have undergone a long and challenging program whose goal was to train you and make you excellent officers that have the capabilities to contend with the challenges posed by the Palestinian Arena”.

The ceremony was concluded with the words of Major General Eitan Dangot: “We have decided to hold the officer course ceremony and the certificate-of-excellence awarding together in order to signify the path that you, the graduates, should pursue – excellence. Dear awardees, you excellence serves as a model for other leaders, and it is incumbent upon you to mentor and sway many more with you.”