During battle, it’s crucial that soldiers from different parts of the army can depend on one another and know how to work together efficiently. So how do you test the cooperation between your different commanders? You bring them all together for a division-wide exercise.

Cooperation is Key: 162nd Division-Wide Drill

Officers of the 162nd Division hit the field

Last Thursday, hundreds of officers from the Artillery Corps and Field Intelligence Corps hit the field and implemented lessons learned from the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead. Apart from taking part in exercises and competitions, the commanders received lectures from high-ranking officers, including Commander of the 162nd Division Brig. Gen. Agai Yehezkel.

Cooperation is Key: 162nd Division-Wide Drill

Artillery Corps soldiers during a drill

While the Field Intelligence Corps is traditionally at the spearhead of any battle formation, the Artillery Corps supplies the troops with supportive fire. Therefore, perfect cooperation between the two corps is of utmost importance, both for military efficiency and for saving lives in the field.