Overnight, IDF (Zahal) soldiers patrolling along the Israel-Egypt Border identified a number of suspects who had infiltrated into Israel. The soldiers called on them to stop, and when the suspects failed to comply, the soldiers acted in accordance with IDF (Zahal) rules of engagement. The suspects fired at the soldiers, who returned fire and identified a hit. Most of the suspects fled back to Egyptian territory, excluding one who remained injured in Israeli territory. Upon the arrival of an IDF (Zahal) medical force to the location of the incident, they determined the death of the injured suspect.

Infiltration Attempt Thwarted on the Israel – Egypt Border
A guard tower at the Israeli-Egyptian border

The IDF (Zahal) has increased its activity along Israel’s western border in light of increased infiltration attempts into Israel.

This incident occurred in the same area where a bag containing a large explosive device was discovered a week ago.

Smuggling and infiltration into Israel from its western border is used by terror organizations to execute terror attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF (Zahal) soldiers. The IDF (Zahal) will continue to operate against anyone that poses a threat to the security of the State of Israel and its residents.