Two new devices have recently been introduced to active service in the IDF (Zahal): the radio transceivers MK-710 and MK-714 will replace the old AN/PRC-77 which has been in IDF (Zahal) service for almost 50 years. (Or, as rumor has it, since the dinosaurs left it behind after becoming extinct.)

The New Generation of Communication Devices

The old MK-77


Both the MK-710 and MK-714 are significantly lighter and more reliable than the old transceiver. While the working time (time between check-ups and repairs) for the old device was around 100 hours, the two new transceivers can go unattended to over 3,000 hours. They add a wider range of operational frequencies, one even being completely encrypted.

The New Generation of Communication Devices

The new tranceiver MK-710 — lightweight and reliable

“The devices greatly improve our operational capability–within 4 years we won’t be seeing any of the old transceivers”, said the head of the Ground Forces Teleprocessing Corps, Colonel Ronen Schneider. Goodbye to the dinosaurs, hello to a new communications age in the IDF (Zahal).