It`s a cold and dark night, and the phone at the coordination and liaison offices in Gaza suddenly ringed. The nightly routine at the DCL was broken.

Date: 29.03.12    

A senior officer from the northern brigade in the Gaza Strip is on the line and he’s reporting to the DCL officer, Major Munir Nabuani, on a suspicious character hanging around near the protective fence for some hours now. Major Munir does not hesitate, gets into his vehicle and travels to field to meet the officer from the northern brigade.
A character is seen by the security cameras walking back and forth, moving forward and back from the fence and ignoring the soldiers’ warnings.

“It was clear to me from the beginning that the person concerned is probably a mentally ill person, who’s not aware of his actions, since Gaza Strip’s population knows that any approach toward a fence requires previous coordination with the IDF through the DCL”, said Major Munir Nabuani.

Following several failed warning attempts, the soldiers began shooting warning shots in the air in order to keep away the said character who was gradually approaching the fence adjacent to the Erez Crossing.
“At some stage, I decided to involve an international humanitarian organization that carries out activities within the Gaza Strip, in order to get their help in bringing an end to this incident”, added Major Munir.
The organization’s representatives arrived within a few minutes, accompanied by a Palestinian ambulance.

Early in the morning, at 2:00 AM, Major Munir, who’s constantly in front of the security cameras, delivers instructions to the DCL’s international organizations officer, Yonathan, who regularly maintains current contact with the organization’s representatives and delivers detailed instructions to the meeting point between the organization’s staff and the said person.

After long and stressful minutes, the organization’s representatives met the suspicious character, got him into the ambulance and took him to the hospital in the Gaza Strip for medical examinations. A preliminary examination by the organization’s staff revealed that the person concerned is a roughly 30 years old mentally ill Gaza Strip resident, who’s also a deaf-mute. Those facts explain why he ignored the soldiers’ calls and their repeated warnings.

“However you see this incident, we ultimately saved a life”, concludes Major Munir.