On Monday, February 6, the Hebron DCL was privileged to host a conference for the current commanders of the Golani battalion in the area.

Date: 29.03.12     Author: Civil Administration Blog

The goal of the conference was to introduce the commanders to the civilian life in Hebron and how to deal with the unique field conditions inside the city of Hebron. Presentation and topics ranged from: the current happenings in Hebron, political leadership of the Palestinians, overviews on the responsibilities of international organizations (i.e. TIPH and the ICRC), and the current views and perspectives of Palestinians within the Hebron district.

Speakers included:

The DCL Palestinian Affairs Officer, who discussed the role of the DCL and its responsibilities in the district of Hebron.

The DCL Liaison Officer for international Organizations discussed the role of the DCL and its responsibilities in the district of Hebron towards the international community and the IHL.

A representative of the IDF Spokesmen Unit of the Yehuda Brigade.

 An IDF legal advisor, who discussed international and humanitarian laws, as well as legal obligations in the field during operations.

Two presentations by liaison officers of the ICRC (The International Committee of the Red-Cross), and TIPH (The Temporary International Presence in Hebron). Presentations consisted of a background on each of the organizations, their job in the Hebron district, and what their coordination with the IDF consists of.
Sheik Jabari, a representative of the Palestinian community in Hebron. Sheik Jabari discussed his opinions of the Palestinian Authority, the IDF military presence in Hebron, and his thoughts as someone who can help connect the past to the present, given his families long history in Hebron.
The head of the Golani brigade’s  Battalion, who is currently stationed in Hebron. The Battalion of the Golani brigade is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining Hebron’s security, as well as public order.

Ohad Hemo, Channel 2’s Arab and Palestinian affairs correspondent. Mr. Hemo discussed the current realties of the Palestinian political leadership and their future. As well, he discussed the current situation concerning the new unity deal between Fatah and Hamas.

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