Israel Under Fire: Summary of Events

In the recent escalation that began on Friday, March 9, Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired more than 200 rockets into Israel. Many of these rockets struck major Israeli population centers, such as Ashdod (pop. 200,000), Beersheba (pop. 190,000) and Ashkelon (pop. 110,000). More than one million Israelis continue to live under the threat of rocket attacks from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

During the four-day bombardment, life was unbearable for the residents of southern Israel. Those who live closest to the Gaza Strip have only 15 seconds to find shelter after hearing an alarm.

The rockets struck both inhabited and open areas, though most of the damage to residential zones was prevented by the Iron Dome system, which intercepted missiles headed for population centers. The Iron Dome intercepted 56 missiles out of 73 attempts. Nevertheless, 10 Israelis were injured during the escalation, one critically.

Throughout the past few days, the Israel Air Force struck targets in the Gaza Strip, thwarting rocket-launching attempts and destroying weapons depots.

Twenty-six Palestinians were killed in Israeli air strikes: 22 terrorists and four civilians. IDF (Zahal) Chief of staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz expressed regret over the civilian deaths. “That is the result when [our] enemies operate in civilian areas,” Gantz said.

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The IDF (Zahal) is prepared at all times to respond with strength and determination against any attempt to execute terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens.

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