Route 12 Closed for Traffic

In light of situation assessments and security considerations, and following the targeting of the terror squad involved in the planning of a combined terror attack on the Israel-Egypt border, Route 12 has been closed for traffic.

As mentioned in the past, following preliminary work which concluded a significant improvement in the security along the road, reinforcement of forces and observation abilities, Route 12 was reopened for traffic during February. This, after a multi-pronged terror attack in August which forced its closure.

The road is being closed temporarily, in light of situation assessments meant to keep the citizens of Israel safe.

Route 12 Closed for Traffic

18.8.2011: Terrorists targeted a civilian bus on route 12 on its way to Eilat, a popular tourist destination, killing 7 and injuring 40 others.

The IDF (Zahal) is ready to defend the citizens of Israel and will retaliate with strength and determination to any terror attack or attempt to execute a terror attack.

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