State of Gazan Civilians - an Assessment

Following the security incidents in the south of Israel, there was a civilian security assessment in the Coordination and Liaison Administration to Gaza

Date: 12.03.12     Author: Menachem Adoni

An assessment, headed by Major-General Eitan Dangot, The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, in collaboration with the Head of the Gazan Coordination and Liaison Administration, Colonel Hativ Manzur, and other senior officers from the unit, indicates that Gaza-strip border crossings are still open and active, despite 3 mortar shells being fired from the region, towards the Palestinian side of Kerem Shalom Crossing, and despite several vehicles being damaged during the attack.

Gazan civilians are maintaining their habitual lives – businesses are open as ever before. Students are attending school regularly, the bakeries and commercial areas are in operation. This is due to the civilian population’s understanding that the IDF’s actions in the region is mostly targeting terrorist elements, and not civilians. The IDF is investing enormous efforts so as to not harm uninvolved civilians.
The assessment also indicates that many Gazan civilians are unhappy with the fact that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are attacking Israel, and are storing weapons near private residences – it appears, therefore, that most Palestinian civilian casualties were situated near arsenals bombed by the IDF.

The number of uninvolved casualties is minimal – as out of the 21 Palestinians killed during the escalation, 19 were involved in hostile activities, whereas the two uninvolved casualties were killed due to their proximity to a missile launch area.

Furthermore, Colonel Hativ Manzur, head of the Gazan Coordination and Liaison Administration, had disclosed that during the attack 30 civilians were injured due to consequential explosions, caused by the IDF’s bombing Palestinian arsenals. So far today, 28 slightly injured persons were released from the hospital, whereas two remain hospitalized: one severely injured person and another moderately injured person. Furthermore, Colonel Manzur mentioned allegations towards the IDF attacking Sudania, Jabalia, by air, during which a boy of 15 years was killed – however, intelligence reports indicate that no IDF operation was undertaken in the region, and that the boy and his companions were most likely injured due a Palestinian attack.

Furthermore, officers from the GCLA stated that during the past two days some 300 trucks of commodities and equipment entered the Strip, as well as some 300,000 tons of cooking gas. In addition, two trucks loaded with flowers left the Strip towards Europe, and another two trucks laden with date snacks were sent to Judea and Samaria.