Officers Course Final Drill
Officers Course Final Drill
Officers Course Final Drill

The cadets of the officers course of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories unit conducted this week a final drill that simulates situations which the cadets may face in their function as unit officers.

Date: 18.04.12     Author: Uriya Baumer

On last Monday, the cadets of the unit’s officers course conducted a final drill that summarized the course’s key elements. The said drill took place in the training base of the IDF Central Region Command in Lachish. The drill was jointly commanded by the commander of the Coordination and Liaison School, Lieutenant-Colonel Sharon Biton, and by the Officers Course Commander, Captain Idit Zagarian. The goal of the drill was to perform an exercise of the field activities frequently carried out by the officers at the coordination and liaison administration centers, in order to enable the cadets to readily and preparedly assume their functions as officers in the field.

In the framework of the drill, the cadets were divided into teams, and passed through five different stages in which they practiced situations that may occur during their current activities in the field. The situations that have been exercised included among others a “crossings activity”. It’s a simulation of an exceptional humanitarian case occurring at the crossing and the cadets are required to handle the case in an expeditious and professional manner, in order to have the patient transferred to the nearest hospital.

At the end of each drill stage, the cadet who served as the commander that led the drill received from a professional officer who guided his/her drill, a feedback that contained elements that should be improved and preserved.

“We carry out this drill in every officers course, in order to enable the cadets to accumulate experience before they arrive to the field”, said Captain Zargarian. “It’s important for us to give them a feeling of security and a capability to cope with their functions”.

This Thursday, the cadets will perform their officers course’s final foot voyage on the Burma Route in Jerusalem, before the course conclusion ceremony to be performed this Sunday, in which the cadets will get their officer’s ranks, and begin performing their functions as Coordination and Liaison Officers at their respective units, following an intensive and exhausting course, in which they learned about the army’s activities in general, and about the unit’s activities in particular.