Steps to improve service and reduce bureaucracy in the Civil Administration’s activity

In the past half year the units of the Civil Administration took steps that have brought about improvement of the service to the population, reduction of bureaucracy and more efficiency of work processes in Judea and Samaria.

Date: 25.04.12     Author: Menachem Adoni

These steps have brought about improvement in several main topics:

Movement and Crossing

Following the granting of passage permit for medical terms and chronic patients in all the check points surrounding Jerusalem, the movement of patients and medical terms from and to hospitals in East Jerusalem has improved considerably. In addition, the humanitarian track in the Kalandia crossing has been transferred to the full responsibility of the Coordination and Liaison Administration in the check point, which has brought about a significant improvement of the humanitarian response in the check point.

In order to make the Allenby terminal more accessible to the handicapped, two vehicles for handicapped persons operate in the terminal, which can drive four handicapped with wheelchairs and four accompanying persons simultaneously.
In the Algiv check point, the passage of pedestrians and goods has been regulated, the need for pre-coordination for movement in the check point has been eliminated, and now goods for personal consumption can be brought in without pre-coordination.
Transfer of goods in the Bitunia crossing for the residents of Nabbi Samuel and the AlKhalaila neighborhood has been approved, with no need for the back to back method.
The passage of school children has improved in the area surrounding Jerusalem, by establishing a regulated system of student transportation, while updating the crossings in order to enable proper passage of the transportation.

Improvement of Infrastructures


As part of improving the infrastructures in Judea and Samaria, a number of significant improvements have been introduced in the Allenby Bridge:
The passenger unloading area has been renovated;
An improvement has been made in the access road to the terminal in roadway 90, which included: expanding the road shoulder, scarifying and asphalting the roadway, repairing and installing of safety rails, installing road signs and performing many painting jobs. In addition, lighting poles have been posted along the road and in the entrance to the Allenby Bridge compound.
An article on the subject of infrastructure improvement in the C areas has been uploaded to the COGAT site (Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories) on April 1, 2012.

Documentation and Registration

Regarding approval of residents’ entry to the Gaza strip, the need for individual coordination of passage for every resident when passing through the Erez crossing has been cancelled. The crossing is carried out with permits. However, instructions have been given to drastically reduce the documents Palestinians were required to provide when applying for various permits. In addition, changes have been applied in the procedure of foreigners passing via Allenby Bridge, which have significantly reduced the delay of foreigners wishing to enter the Judea and Samaria areas for non-tourist purposes (business men, investors and family visits of first degree relatives).
The Civil Administration is constantly engaged in improving the quality of service given to the residents of Judea and Samaria and in making it more efficient. Among other things, technological improvements are being examined, with emphasis on the matters of crossings, improvements and renovations of the reception areas in the Civil Administration offices, reducing bureaucracy and making it more efficient in the matter of issuing the permits.