Despite the injury, contact is being maintained

Two Palestinian liaison representatives who worked with Staff Sergeant Shay Kricheli, a soldier at the the Civil Administration, arrived at the Tel HaShomer Hospital to pay him a visit, following the injuries he sustained during the the general rehearsal that were being performed on Mount Herzl some months ago.

Date: 13.06.12     Author: Menachem Adoni

Staff Sergeant Kricheli was chosen to represent the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) unit at the President’s ceremony for outstanding soldiers. During the rehearsals that were being carried out in preparation for the main ceremony set to be held on the 64th independence day (5772/2012), the illumination bridge collapsed. Shay sustained moderate injuries, mainly on his back and on his lower limbs. In addition to Shay, five other soldiers were slightly injured, one soldier suffered moderate injuries and Lieutenant Hila Betzaleli z”l, who sustained the worst injury was killed immediately on the spot.

Today (Monday), Shay received an unusual visit in his room at the rehabilitation department of the Tel HaShomer Hospital; Shay’s guests were the Director of the Palestinian Liaison Bureau, Mr. Yusuf Lafi and his deputy Nasim Algog, both accompanied by the head of the District Coordination & Liaison Administration of Jericho, Lieutenant Colonel Raam Falah.  “Shay has always kindly and dedicatedly handled the inquiries sent to him during his service. Also, Shay is known as a strong and highly motivated person and we are confident he will have a fast recovery,” said Mr. Lafi, the Director of the Palestinian Liaison Bureau.

Within the framework of his position as a Coordination & Liaison N.C.O (non-commissioned officer) at the Jericho DCL, Shay maintained ongoing and intensive contact with the Palestinian Civil Liaison Bureau in the Jericho area. This relationship has contributed significantly to maintaining civil stability and security in the area. “The meetings have always took  place in a good ambiance; The trust between us has been gradually built during the course of time, and nowadays this trust is irrefutable. It can be said that we are friends”, said Staff Sergeant Kricheli.

Shay, who was hospitalized following the incident at the Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem, was transferred about a month ago to the Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv and he’s being treated at the Rehabilitation Department there. Currently, Staff Sergeant Kricheli is going through a series of medical treatments that assist his rehabilitation and improve his motoric and coordination abilities. Shay’s room is flooded with greeting cards and souvenirs brought by his unit friends, commanders and relatives that have came to visit him. COGAT Senior officers as well, including the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Major General Eitan Dangot, The Head of the Civil Administration, Brigadier General Motti Almoz, the Deputy Head of the Civil Administration, Colonel Raed Mansour, the Deputy Coordinator, Colonel Shlomi Muchtar and other senior officers, frequently come to visit Shay, send their regards and wish him a fast return to normal routinely and continuous activity, as in the past.

 “We are doing all we can in order to increase the coordination level between both parties and in order to perform our job with the Palestinian population and their representatives in the best way possible”, Lieutenant Colonel Falah summarizes the visit of the Palestinian Senior Officers. “The visit proves, above all, that close cooperation is taking place between both parties, and it demonstrates the level of civil and security-related liaison and coordination activities between both parties”.

COGAT whishes Shay a full recovery!