Israel, Pakistan and Iraq sit together for Middle-East Conference on Cancer

The Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC) held in early June brought together Israeli and Palestinian officials alongside other Middle-Eastern envoys.

Date: 11.06.12     Author: Civil Administration

Dalia Bassa, Head of the Health Department of the Civil Administration, attended the conference along with other officials from the Israeli Ministry of Health on June 1st and 2nd in Amman, Jordan.

The MECC exists since 1996, thanks to an initiative by the American Ministry of Health and an ensuing agreement between the Health Ministries of Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. Its objective is to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer in the Middle East through the encouragement of collaborative research. Since its inception, many more countries have joined the consortium.

This year, the conference included representatives from Jordan, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Oman, Lebanon, Turkey and Cyprus, as well as Israelis and Palestinians.

Each state made a presentation on their local palliative treatments for cancer patients, with special focus on psychological care and its effect on patient recovery.

Then, a discussion took place on how to improve homogenize palliative care standards throughout the Middle East.

Dalia Bassa exhibited all the work she is doing in Judea and Samaria towards the Palestinian population.

“I had great conversations and relations with all the participants, but especially with the representatives from Lebanon and Pakistan” said Ms Bassa, who speaks fluent Arabic.

The consortium collected the different ideas proposed during the meetings and created a  draft chart on ways of improving palliative treatment for cancer patients.

Dalia also visited multiples Jordanian hospitals before returning to Israel.