The Government Coordinator of Activities in the Territories (“GCAT”) is coordinating and overseeing the process of entry of industrial diesel (fuel oil), Qatar`s contribution to the Gaza Strip, through the Nitzana Crossing.

Date: 13.06.12     Author: Menachem Adoni

Owing to the energy crisis in the Gaza Strip, the Government of Qatar has donated 30 million liters of fuel oil for the power station in the Strip. The diesel arrived on a Qatari tanker which docked and unloaded the fuel into storage tanks at the Egyptian Port of Suez.

In the course of the last month, the GCAT, in conjunction with the IDF and in combination with the Airports Authority and the Palestinian Authority, has made all the logistical preparations necessary at the Nitzana Crossing, for the well-ordered and continuous passage of the fuel from Egypt through Sinai to Nitzana, where the process will take place of transferring the fuel by the back-to-back method from Egyptian tankers to Israeli tankers, which will transport the fuel oil to the Kerem Shalom Crossing, and from there to the Gaza Strip.

The GCAT, in conjunction with the Egyptian Authorities, is coordinating the daily arrival of Egyptian tankers at the Nitzana Crossing, the intention being to supply the daily amount of consumption necessary for the normal working of the power station in the Strip.

As of yesterday, 871,827 liters of industrial diesel fuel had been transferred from Egypt to the Gaza Strip via Israel on 20 Egyptian tankers.
Another 6 Egyptian tankers are expected to cross today carrying 300,000 [liters] of fuel oil for the power station in the Gaza Strip.