Joint Fish Farming Project in the Palestinian Authority

As part of the promotion of a joint project for the establishment of a fish farming system in the Palestinian Authority, the transfer of young Tilapia fish from Israel to a number of locations in the Palestinian Authority has been coordinated over recent months.

Date: 27.09.12     Author: Civil Administration

The project is a joint initiative of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and the Fishing Department in the Palestinian Authority.

Within the framework of the project, the Tilapia fish are raised in fish farms in Israel and subsequently transferred to pools adapted for their size in the Palestinian Authority.

It should be emphasized that as the process involves the transportation of live fish it is extremely sensitive, requiring constant optimal conditions with regards to the level of oxygen in the water, temperature etc.

In light of the complexity, the transportation of the baby fish is carried out by a unique Israeli truck adapted for the purpose and equipped with oxygen tanks, from the farm in Israel until the final destination – the growing pools in the Palestinian Authority territory.

As part of the project, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture accompanies the fish farmers in the Palestinian Authority and instructs them regarding optimal treatment of the fish.