The petitioners, the Yasuf council head and 12 other residents of the village, petitioned the HCJ requesting that obstacles preventing access to their plots, located between Tapuach and West Tapuach, be removed and that Israeli forces accompany the Palestinians when they wish to access their plots.

The petitioners claimed that Israeli settlers hinder access to their plots and that in 2001, the sole access road from Yasuf to their plots, was blocked by a dirt embankment.

The petitioners also claimed that back in 2006, a representative of the civil administration told them, they are not allowed to access certain of the plots and that they must notify the authorities before accessing the other plots.

The IDF stated during the proceedings that it does not prohibit access to any of the plots.  Nonetheless, due to the sensitive security situation in the area, entrance to certain plots, detailed in an order issued by the Military Commander, requires prior coordination with the District Coordination Office.

In turn, the Samaria Brigade and the Civil Administration devised a plan which would allow the Palestinian farmers to access their plots on an ongoing basis, with minimal notification, a few days prior to their arrival, unless operational needs dictate otherwise.

Additionally the brigade removed the dirt embankment blocking the access road from Yasuf to the plots, replacing it with a gate which can be opened upon request.

On April 24th 2014 the HCJ accepted the plan submitted by the state, a plan which allows the access of the petitioners to their plots.

It should also be mentioned that the petitioner’s request, as a means of allowing their access, to implement demolition orders issued by the Civil Administration against illegal construction in West Tapuach, was denied. The court ruled that, since this is a separate issue, the petitioners can submit a specific petition on this matter.