The spokesman for COGAT, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories announced that today, 11-21-2012, the Erez Crossing was opened for the transfer of people and medical supplies between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Date: 22.11.12    

 The crossing was opened following intense security preparations and following the the closing of

the Kerem Shalom Crossing due to significant security concerns.

The opening of the crossing indicates Israel’s desire to continue to provide for the essential needs of the Palestinian population living through the current conflict.

During the course of the day five truckloads of medical supplies passed through the Erez Crossing, as did three pairs of ambulances ferrying premature infants born in the Gaza Strip to Israeli hospitals in which they are currently undergoing care. In addition, 18 patients undergoing medical care, as well as their caretakers and various diplomats and employees of international organizations operating in Gaza passed through Erez.

These activities were made possible by the coordination undertaken by the government coordinator for the territories, Maj. Gen. Eitan Dangot with senior officials in the Palestinian Authority and the international community.

During the course of the past week, since the beginning of operation Pillar of Defense, over 100 patients and their caregivers have passed into Israel for medical treatment as have over 200 diplomatic personnel and employees of international organizations.

In addition, 123 trucks laden with food, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and animal feed  were allowed entry into the Gaza Strip.

The IDF will continue to act to prevent terrorism from the Gaza Strip and differentiating between terrorist organizations and the civilian population, while working to maintain the living conditions of those residing within the Gaza Strip at as high a level as possible while concurrently maintaining the security of those manning the various crossings.

Attached – Details information on crossings coordinated from Gaza into Israel over the past

week  and video with Hebrew and English comments by Major Adam Avidan, Head of the International Organizations Branch of COGAT.

Kerem Shalom:

COGAT coordinated the entry of 117 trucks of food and medical supplies., 80 of

which ended up arriving and being passed through the crossing.

20/11 –  coordinated entry of 118 trucks. At 11:10 crossing was closed following the rocket fire near the crossing. Prior to this, 43 trucks with food and medicine for the residents of Gaza passed through the crossing.

Erez Crossing:


Crossing of Diplomats and Foreigner Aid workers

Cases of Humanitarian need





23 יצאו לעזה











16+ Ambulances  Coordinated



18+ 3 Ambulances Coordinated