The latest storm in Israel has obviously affected the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank there have been reports of floods in all the districts, sediments in main roads, trees and poles collapsing and rivers overflowing. Through the Civil Administration, COGAT is assisting as best it can with evacuating the injured, transferring equipment and dealing with the damages from the storm.

Date: 09.01.13     Author: Cogat Website

During the last two days Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have been suffering from the harshest storm in over twenty years. The storm has caused a great deal of damage to property, blocked off and flooded main roads, and has created much sediment to the central villages and main roads.

During the night two Palestinian women got carried away in a flood in Tul-Karem and drowned. Dozens of injured citizens were rescued and were transferred to hospitals in the West Bank and Israel.

In the Gaza Strip, even though it was hit mildly by the storm, rivers were flooding and over flowing. The residents in 55 houses, in Rafah, were evacuated and there are reports of damages to houses and infrastructure as the result of collapsed trees and poles. The center of the Gaza Strip suffered from an electrical problem, which is being handled by teams of the Municipality Authority in Gaza.

Through the Civil Administration, COGAT is following the developments in the West Bank due to the storm, is coordinating with the different authorities in the PA and assisting as best it can with dealing with the damages from the storm. During the night the Civil Administration relayed the situation to the representatives of the PA regarding blocked roads all over the West Bank and the opening hours of the crossings, most of which are blocked due to the floods. During the night rescue missions were coordinated; most of them were by helicopter, in order to assist citizens that were carried away in the floods.

“The Civil Administration is in constant contact with the Palestinian side, relaying the situation to them and assisting in rescuing and evacuating the injured, as well as opening the main roads,” states a senior Officer in the Civil Administration in the West Bank.

Major General Eytan Dangot, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories has contacted senior delegates in the PA and offered as much assistance as necessary as well as equipment and means.

Closings and openings for the different crossings due to the storm:

In the Gaza Strip, Kerem Shalom Crossing, in south Gaza, is closed due to the weather. Erez Crossing is opened.

In north Samaria the crossings for goods, Gilboa and Reihan, were closed as well as the agriculture gates in the security fence.

In the south, Meitar crossing was closed due to flooding.

Allenby Bridge will be open today until 18:00 due to the flooding. This is coordinated with the Jordanian and Palestinian sides.