A petition was filed against the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) to the Supreme Court, sitting as the High Court of Justice. The background to the petition was that the Gisha organization requested from COGAT, under the Freedom of Information Act, for the disclosure of all the documents that guide the professional considerations relating to the entry of Palestinians from Gaza to Israel, from 2005 up-to today. After numerous searches and a complete disclosure of all relevant documents, the petitioners received a large number of documents relating to their request. During the subsequent trial the petitioners claimed that there was a number of missing documents from the documents they received and therefore requested for an investigation to be opened against the representative of COGAT that signed the affidavit in relation to the matter. The State objected to this request and insisted that all relevant documents had been provided to the petitioners.

In its judgment, the Court noted the amount of information that had been passed to the petitioners, and noted the completeness of the information that was passed to the petitioners after additional searches and a large amount of effort had been expended locating the relevant documents.

The Court ruled that in light of the State’s declaration that there was no additional information, the State would not be required to undertake any further searches for additional information. In addition, in light of the above the Court rejected the petitioners’ request to investigate the officer of COGAT because any such an investigation would be an exception to the general rule whereby administrative hearings are held only in accordance with the evidence presented in the affidavits.