Today (Tuesday), a giant fire has erupted near the Idna Village. Israeli and Palestinian fire-extinguishing teams, equipped with fire-fighting vehicles and helicopters, are working hard in order to put down the fire and reduce damage as much as possible.

Date: 30.04.13     Author: Menachem Aoni

The last wave of fires that broke out across the State of Israel did not skip the open areas and forests across the Judea and Samaria region. Over the course of the last three days, dozens of Israeli and Palestinian joint effort operations took place in open areas and natural forests in Judea and Samaria, where both Israeli and Palestinian fire-extinguishing teams are involved in the fire-extinguishing activities, as well as fire-extinguishing helicopters and airplanes from the Israeli fire-extinguishing squadron.
Cooperation in this area has prevented till now human casualties and property damage, and the damage that has been recorded as of now as a result of the fire wave is mainly comprised of fires in natural forests, wheat fields and a few greenhouses.

In view of the windy conditions, dryness and increased flames, the Civil Administration has also coordinated with the Fire-extinguishing authorities the operation of fire-extinguishing helicopters and airplanes, in order to assist and control the fire, and prevent it from spreading further towards the houses of the village of Idna and the agricultural fields situated below it.