In June 5, 2013, the IDF Military Advocate General’s Corps (MAG) hosted a conference for foreign defense attaches in Israel on the topic of the legal challenges arising out of the modern battlefield. Representatives from about 15 different nations attended the event and heard presentations from several high ranking legal officers, including Major General Dan Efrony, the Military Advocate General, COL Eli Bar- On, the Deputy Military Advocate General, the Head of the International Law Department, the Deputy Military Advocate Operational Affairs and the IDF School of Military Law.

The event was highly successful and the attaches came away with a greater understanding of the IDF’s strict adherence to the International Laws of Armed Conflict, and on the work and mission of the IDF MAG Corps in regards to the dissemination and integration of those laws into the Military Operations of the IDF.

The conference was part of the MAG Corp’s continual effort to engage with, and learn from, the international community about many of the common legal challenges faced by armed forces in general and by the IDF in particular in modern day warfare.