Opening the inner crossing- South Hebron

Israel recently approved the opening of the South Hebron crossing as part of the measures for the month of Ramadan and the holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

Date: 08.08.13     Author: COGAT Website

The South Hebron crossing was closed for over 11 years after the occurrence of multiple security incidents in and around the arteries leading to it. The opening of the crossing will provide a swift, efficient connection between the city of Hebron and the villages south of the city, serving a population of about 100 thousand residents.

The opening of the crossing was made possible after years of calm and maintenance of public order, as well as  in response to requests submitted on behalf of the Palestinian population in the area.

The opening will shorten the travel time from Hebron to the southern villages to about half an hour, on a developed road of high infrastructural and transportation standards.

In addition, a significant reduction is expected in traffic congestion between Hebron and the town of Dura, and ongoing movement will be allowed for trucks making their way from the city of Hebron towards the commercial crossings with Israel.

The opening of the crossing was coordinated with Palestinian officials and was highly regarded both by the Palestinians and by the international community as an important measure, especially in light of its implementation for the holiday.