Israel Hosts Advanced Training Course for Palestinian Electrical Engineers

11 day program aims to strengthen Palestinian infrastructural expertise and improve cooperation.

Date: 21.11.13     Author: COGAT Website

“The goal of the course is to expand the professional knowledge of the engineers, as well as to create professional standards in all relevant issues that are important in the relationship between Palestinian engineers and their Israeli counterparts. The most important issues that were dealt with in the course were: the connecting of new power grid to the preexisting system, safety, operating and improving high tension electrical systems, as well as maintenance and repair in times of crises” explained the staff officer in charge of Electrical service in the Civil Administration.

The office of Electrical Services in the Civil Administration is tasked with the responsibility of providing electricity to Palestinian regional councils (located within Areas A, B, and C), who are then responsible for the distribution to towns and cities under their purview. The course, which was organized by the Staff Officer in charge of Electrical Services in the Civil Administration, was held in order to improve cooperation between the Israeli electricity providers and the Palestinian Electricity Administration. Participants included electrical engineers and representatives of the Palestinian regional councils in charge of electrical services. The electrical engineers were advised on ways to be in direct contact with the representatives of the electric company in the Jerusalem region, and also received training in professional knowledge and language to facilitate mutual understanding.

Sixteen Palestinian electrical engineers took part in a an 11 day course, October 21-November 4,  hosted by the training school of the electric company, located in Giva’at Saul in Jerusalem. As part of the program, an exercise was carried out that allowed the participants to gain first-hand knowledge by practicing in training facilities owned by the electric company located near the city of Hadera. The Israeli engineer in charge of on-site safety in the Jerusalem region expressed his satisfaction with the content of the project, particularly with regards to issues of increased professionalism and safety in their work.

The head of the Office of Electrical Services in the Civil Administration, Sayeed Kasem, stated “This course was a great success. On Tuesday, I visited the course in order to meet some of the engineers and to hear from them how they thought the course could be improved. They gave me their thoughts on the initiative, and then mentioned that the course was of great value to them. I believe that this course will contribute to the culture of understanding in all professional aspects of this field, and this will only further the cooperation”. “This is a field of work”, Sayeed added,” that transcends borders”.

The Civil Administration sees electricity as an essential service which requires stability and consistency. This course is another step in the right direction to improve the relationship between those responsible for the electricity in the regions, and due to its importance, the Civil Administration has invested 90,000 NIS in the project.