On 17/09/2013, the commander of IDF forces in Judea and Samaria signed an amendment to Appendix 9 of the Regulations concerning local councils, that changes the objective of funds designated for maintaining the cleanliness of the area to include wider objectives of using the funds for other purposes, according to the special needs of the region.

The Maintenance of Cleanliness Law, 1984 (the “Law”), which was adopted in local areas and regional councils in Judea and Samaria, was established to create a fund (the “Fund”) to maintain cleanliness, within the framework of the Ministry of the Environment in Israel. The Fund’s money is derived from a special account which is used to invest in Judea and Samaria serving environmental projects throughout the West Bank, according to the designations detailed in Article 11 of the Law.

The amendment extends the use of the Fund to projects such as regulating landfills (in locations where alternatives to landfills are not practical), which is the preferred alternative to fires or waste dumping areas, which are not regulated.

Additionally, the amendment allows the use of the Fund for the benefit of investing in the enforcement and supervision of waste hazards, notably preventing illegal entry of waste into the West Bank, through land crossings.

Finally, the amendment grants status to an Environmental Staff Officer, who shall be authorized to provide his professional opinion to the Fund’s management regarding the special needs of the region. The amendment will provide the Environmental Staff Officer with substantial influence in setting priorities for the investment of the Fund’s money for projects in the region.