VIP Service to be Provided to Important Palestinian Personnel at Allenby Bridge

The importance of this VIP service is with regards to the new efficiency of the Bridge as well as the ability to provide important officials and business peoples improved service. This is not to say that they are better than the rest of the travelers, but their important work, as recognized by the Civil Administration, allows them access to the VIP areas and services “explained the commander of th

Date: 21.11.13     Author: Jonathan Ben Ami

As of October 1 this year the Allenby Bridge has been providing VIP services to VIP’s, provided by Laufer Services.  These services include a stewardess service, access to the VIP waiting room, hot and cold beverage service, and stations with internet access. The VIP area is provided on both sides of the crossing, from Israel into Jordan, as well as Jordan into Israel.

The Civil Administration covers the cost of the VIP lounge in order to improve the service provided for important travelers. From conversations that Major Abu Zalef has had with the VIP’s, satisfaction with the services provided is high.  The appreciation expressed by the VIP’s has been significant.

When the VIP’s arrive at the Bridge, the stewards escort them to the VIP waiting area, where there forms are processed as they are able to relax and take full advantage of the services offered in the lounge. Having them processed in a separate area avoids the need to have the VIP’s escorted to the front of the regular processing lines, which had previously been the case. This service not only improves the conditions for VIP’s but also speeds up the standard processing lines, as the special treatment is now given in a separate line, and not at the expense of others.

Major Abu Zalef stated that they Bridge will typically handle 64 VIPs a day (based on the services provided in the month of October). The total for the month of October was 1,721 VIPs processed. “The services provided by the Laufer Corporation are excellent. They are professional and polite, and they are provided in a timely fashion, as the VIPs papers are being processed by the interior ministry” he added.