On 29/12/13 the Supreme Court of Israel, sitting as the High Court of Justice, dismissed the petition filed by Mordechai Vanunu, in relation to his request to annul the extension of restriction orders issued against him.

Upon his release from prison, after serving a prison term of 18 years, a number of different restriction orders were place on Mordechai Vanunu, with the intention to ensure that there would be no dissemination of classified information, which the petitioner obtained while working at a Nuclear Research facility. Among others, the injunctions were made by the commander of the Home Front Command and the commander of the Central Command. In his petition, Vanunu claimed, inter alia, that the restriction orders violate several fundamental rights, including the right to liberty and freedom of movement. He claimed that the breach of his fundamental rights did not meet the limitation provisions of the relevant legislation and was not a proportional measure. The petitioner further argued that the restriction orders were in practice a punitive measure, in addition to the prison sentence he already served.  

In its judgment, the Supreme Court ruled that the orders violate the rights of Vanunu and impose significant restrictions on his life. However, the Court noted that the orders were designed to ensure the prevention of future dissemination of classified information, and the security material shown to the Court confirms that Vanunu is the curator of confidential information and has not retracted from his intention to disseminate this information. Therefore, taking into consideration that in 2010 two restrictions imposed on Vanunu were removed, the Court emphasized that “in reality there is no option to reduce or eliminate the restriction orders, or to prevent the extension of these restrictions for another year.” Accordingly, the Supreme Court rejected the petition.

This decision joins a series of judgments of the High Court of Justice that repeatedly confirm the validity of the restriction orders placed on Vanunu.