On May 11th, 2014 the Israeli High Court of Justice (the HCJ), ruled, that the Judea & Samaria Military Commander and his proxies, do not need to provide the petitioners in two separate petitions, with the identity of Palestinians who have registered property rights.

The petitioner in HCJ 8759/11 requested to be informed of the identity of the Palestinian residents which filed a complaint against him, claiming he trespassed on their property.

The petitioners in APA (Administrative Petition Appeal) 6234/13, requested information regarding registered Palestinian land titles in the vicinity of their settlement, in order to facilitate a purchase of land from them. This appeal to the Israeli Supreme court was submitted after AP (Administrative Petition) 32725-05-02, requesting the information by force of the Freedom of Information Act of 1998, was accepted.

While these two proceedings were pending in the HCJ, and after extensive research was done on this matter by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Defense, the Judea & Samaria Military Commander signed the Order Regarding Property (Registry Inquiries)(Judea & Samaria)(No. 1737) of 2014.

According to the HCJ ruling this order changed the law, and created a reason to deny the requested information. The HCJ ruled that the petitions cannot be ruled on as is and the petitioners must re-submit their requests for information from the registry, requests which will be evaluated according to the new law.