On November 25th 2014, in the Military Court of Judea and Samaria, a Palestinian woman was charged with counts of conspiracy to cause intentional death, dealing with the enemy, and other felonies.

According to the indictment’s factual description, during the month of Ramadan in 2014, the defendant conspired with another person to commit a suicide bombing within Israeli territory. The coconspirators planned on locating a large assemblage of IDF soldiers with the assistance of the other person’s brother, who resides in Israel. It was also agreed that the Palestinian woman will infiltrate the said location and act as a suicide bomber.

The indictment reveals that the defendant planned to impersonate a pregnant Orthodox-Jewish woman on the day of the bombing, thus obscuring the explosive belt she was to carry on her body. Subsequently, the woman was to make her way to Israeli territory, wherein she planned to commit the deadly act. To accomplish her objective, the woman and her accomplice contacted a Hamas militant in Gaza in order to receive instructions regarding methods of constructing an explosive belt.