Today, December 18th 2014, defendants Muhamed Zero and Abed-el Latif Mukhtar were charged in the Military Court of Judea and Samaria with affiliation with and activity within two unauthorized associations – IS (Islamic State) and the al-Nusra Front, alongside other felonies.

According to Zero’s indictment, the defendant joined another person in order to establish a militant group affiliated with IS, while intending to acquire arms aimed to carry out attacks against the State of Israel and the Palestinian authority.

According to Muktar’s indictment, on February 2014, while attending medical school in Germany, the defendant resolved to travel to Syrian warzones, where he planned to voluntarily treat the wounded. Hence, the defendant arrived in Syria and joined al-Nusra Front’s foreign militant group, where he went through physical and arms training.

The two are currently detained while awaiting trial, following the Military Prosecution’s request for remand.