Today, December 18th 2014, defendant Hamam Mesalme was charged in the Military Court of Judea and Samaria with three counts of attempt to cause intentional death, a count of abandoning a victim and other felonies, all of which attributed to his attempt to kill three IDF soldiers, Itay Sadan, Moshe Aharoni and Eliyahu Tagania, by means of vehicle ramming, in the vicinity of camp El-Arrub.

According to the indictment, during operation “Protective Edge” the defendant resolved to commit a militant act against IDF soldiers due to the consequences of the operation. On November 5th 2014, a vehicle ramming attack took place in Jerusalem, which was followed by mass disturbances. Mesalme, who became aware of the events through the media, became determined to commit an immediate act against IDF soldiers. Thus, the defendant drove his vehicle to a curve in the vicinity of camp El-Arrub, where an IDF guard post is located. The defendant noticed three soldiers on the side of the road, diverted his vehicle towards them, accelerated and hit them. Afterwards, the defendant diverted the vehicle back to its course and fled to El-Arrub, where he deserted his vehicle and took refuge. On the following day, Mesalme turned himself in to Israeli authorities.

The indictment reveals that the defendant committed his actions under the wings of a militant terrorist group, which planned to carry out deadly attacks against Israeli targets.