Registering ownership of Israeli’s homes in Judea & Samaria may require a special registry which allows for the unique aspects of life in an area under belligerent occupation.

Homes on land already in the title registry, land purchased directly from its owners, can be registered under the new owner’s name in the title registry, after undergoing the necessary parceling of the original land to the specific plots, by the Staff Officer for Registration in the Civil Administration.

However, homes on unregistered government land or on land seized for security purposes (in accordance with the practice prior to HCJ 390/79 Dwikat et. al. v. Israeli Government), cannot be registered in the title registry. In order to maintain an organized record of home ownership in such areas, the Permit Registry was created.

The Permit Registry operates in accordance to the Registration of Certain Property Transactions Order (Judea & Samaira)(No. 569) of 1974, and the regulations enacted by its force. Due to its nature, this registry too is supervised by the Staff Officer for Registration in the Civil Administration.

In practice, so far the Permit Registry only records the homes in Kiryat Arba. Presently a trial program to register homes in Oranit is underway. In other places where homes have been built and sold on unregistered government land or land seized for military purposes, the homeowners rights are usually registered via “housing companies”, companies which had received the right to build the homes and sold them to the individual owners.