The Military Trial Defense Service provides legal representation to soldiers under trial before military courts, and in related proceedings.

Representation is provided free of charge. Every soldier subject to military justice proceedings (as a defendant or as suspect) is entitled to receive counseling and representation.

Representation is provided by career and mandatory service Judge Advocates, as well as private sector criminal attorneys, in their capacity as reserve Judge Advocates, as appropriate.



Phone Num.


IDF headquarters, Rabin Base, Tel Aviv.


IDF Trial Defense Service Headquarters

Appeals and representation of officers ranked Lt. Col and above.

Fax: 03-5692193

Head of the Military Trial Defense service: Col. Asher Halperin

Policy and Appeals Section: Maj. Regina Daskal


Shivtei Israel 78, Jaffa


Trial Defense Service for the Central Command, The Air Force, General Staff units and the Homefront Command)

Fax: 03-7177175

Deputy to the Head of the Military Trial Defense services: LT. Col Lilach Rubin

District Defenders: Maj. Yossi Daskal; Maj. Adi Eisner


Hadar 8, Haifa


Trial Defense Service for the Northern Command and the Navy

Fax: 04-8687202

District Defender: Maj. Rinat Levy


Yoav Base (Near Kiryat Malachi)


Trial Defense Service for the Southern Command and Ground Forces

Fax: 08-8619244

District Defender: Maj. Meirav Itzhaki