The changes within the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as well as in Israeli society have led to a reexamination of the objective and the structure of the Chief of the Women’s Army Corps and the role of women in the IDF.

The examination led to an understanding that there is a need to establish a central body without executive bodies that will constitute an information center that advises the IDF Chief of the General Staff concerning matters which relate to the service of women in the IDF.

Beginning in Summer 2001, the Women’s Army Corps will be dismantled and in its place will be established a body headed by the Advisor for Women’s Affairs to the IDF Chief of Staff.

The new functional structure as well as the operational concept will allow for the realization of the goals and vision together with the advancement of the central goals of the IDF.

The Policy of the IDF Chief of the General Staff

The service of women in the IDF is based upon two principles: The principle of Partnership and the principle of Equality.

The duration of women’s service in identical roles will be adjusted to that of men’s service in keeping with the needs of the IDF.

The service of women will be broadened to encompass the variety of roles possible, in keeping with the needs of the IDF.

Placement of petty female officers in operational units and in central roles.

Appointment of senior female officers according to quality and not their service course (“Breakthrough” in appointments).

The Objective

To advise the IDF Chief of the General Staff and the General Staff on realizing the potential of women while promoting equal opportunities for women in accordance with the objective of the IDF, the needs and policy of the General Staff.

To chart policy and counsel on specific issues relating to the service of women in the IDF.

Subordination: The body will be subordinate to the Head of the Manpower Directorate.

The Reality we Wish to Formulate

Integrating women into new positions in all services and units.

Quality women’s officiary suiting the IDF’s needs.

Integrating women’s officiary into service paths and central junctions.

The comprehension of IDF Commanders of the women’s potential and their optimal integration as a requirement and contribution to the continual preservation of the relative edge of the IDF.

The Reality we Wish to Formulate (Cont.)

The women in the IDF will be active bringing about their added value in their activity and in order for others to see it.

An organization where behavioral norms deny the violation of someone’s personal dignity, including sexual harassment.

The place of women in military service will be a lever for more involvement and improvement of the place of women in Israeli society.

Main Changes

Establishment of a matrix-like General Staff body.

Focusing on systemic areas in relation to the subject of the service of women in the IDF.

The transfer of responsibility for attending to female soldiers to the commanders with specific treatment of women’s issues.

Reduction of professional disparities between women and men.

Cancellation of irrelevant differences and professional treatment of relevant differences.

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