National Defense College

The N.D.C.’s major objective is to develop excellence and professional skills in its students, who are designated to occupy senior positions in the I.D.F and the governmental establishment; positions in which they are called to make decisions on the strategic level.

The Guiding Principles of the Program

1.Study and examination of the national defense elements:

a) Study of basic concepts & fundamentals.
b) Understanding the composition of the national strategy and defense doctrine and their implications
c) Raising awareness and sensitizing to the problems and needs of the defense establishment in the Organizational & conceptual spheres.

2. Stimulation of analytic thinking, based on thorough research, examination of alternatives, their implications and presentation of conclusions and consequences.

3. Interaction and self teaching of the students through open debates, brainstorming, seminars and symposia and the development of constructive criticism.

4. Meeting with national, political & military top officials, prominent public figures, scholars and intellectuals in order to unveil the national decision-making process. These exchanges give the students an intimate access to top decision-makers, public opinion shapers and national strategists.

Basics and Fundamentals

To create conceptual and methodological infrastructure by the study of quantative and qualitative disciplines as a basis for the understanding and conceptualization of the national strategy and defense doctrine.


1. Foundations of National Security
2. Zionism Today
3. Economics – basic principals & concepts
4. Statistics, Methodology & Academic Writing
5. Organizational Culture

The Domestic Environment

To study and examine the national elements of strength and weakness, and the major factors influencing the national defense in Israeli domestic arena.


1. Economics in Israel
2. Domestic Strategic Infrastructure
3. The Political and Social System
4. Research & Development (R&D)
5. Internal Security & Terrorism
6. Strategy – Case Studies and Dilemmas
7. The I.D.F. and The Defense Establishment

The International Environment

To study and examine the external factors bearing on the national security, and to analyze their implications from the Israeli point of view.


1.Regional Security Studies: The Middle East and the Peace Process
2.The International Environment

The Concluding Chapter

  • The Perception of the Threat
  • The Use of Force & the Constraints on the Use of Force
  • The Defense Doctrine
  • The Future Battlefield
  • Strategic Simulations and Concluding Symposia

Haifa University Academic Program

1.Strategy and Warfare
2.Strategy – Case Studies and Dilemmas
3.Ethics, Morals and Constitutional Law
4.The Israeli Society
5. Middle East – The geo-strategic context
6.Political Science – the main theories
7.Israel’s National Defense
8.The Yom Kippur War
9.Mass Media
10.The Security Doctrine of Arab States

Admission of Participants to the National Defense College

National Defense College

  • The Army officers are approved by the Chief of Staff, and interviewed by the Commander of the National Defense College before the school’s year begin.
  • The civil officials are recommended by their respective government offices, and are approved by the Commander of the National Defense College after a personal interview.

A student, of either category, is approved after complying with two conditions:

– A Bachelor degree (at least)
– An assured potential of promotion in service

National Defense College Structure

National Defense College Structure