The Second Lebanon War

Three soldiers were killed during the attack, two were injured and two were kidnapped. A short time after the soldiers were seized, Israel unanimously declared the start of Operation “Fair Price”, later known as Operation “Change of Direction”, a wide range military operation against Hizballah forces in Lebanon. 

At the beginning of the war the IAF struck thousands of targets inside Lebanon: Hizballah forces along the border, ammunition reserves, training bases, Hizballah command centers throughout Lebanon, and in particular in Beirut’s Dahiya quarter, Beirut airport, bridges and more. 

In the 33 days of fighting, hundreds of rocket launchers, thousands of building, hundreds of bridges and hundreds of vehicles belonging to Hizballah terrorists were destroyed. Similarly most of Hizballah’s long range missiles were destroyed. More than 500 of Hizballah’s fighters were killed during the war. The IAF carried out more than 18,000 sorties, including flights to locate missile & rockets launchers, strikes, aid to the ground forces, rescue, intelligence, observation and more.  

During the Second Lebanon War, 10 Air Force soldiers were killed.