The end of the Six Day War failed to bring quiet to the new borders. Israel’s Arab neighbors did not accept their defeat. Sporadic flare-ups began immediately after the war. These included terror operations and static artillery bombardments. Following a series of incidents, the Navy instituted patrols to ensure Israel’s sovereignty and to protect the coastline. Every night, Israel Navy vessels made sorties along the Sinai coastline up to Port Said. On the night of the 11-12 July, 1967, the INS Eilat and two Israel torpedo boats identified two targets as two Egyptian torpedo boats off the Rumani coast. They immediately engaged the vessels and sank them.

In the year after the Six Day War, the Navy suffered two heavy losses. On 21, October 1967, the destroyer INS Eilat was sunk, and a few months later, the submarine INS Dakar was lost, with its entire crew of 69 sailors, on its maiden voyage from Portsmouth, England to Israel.

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