Brig. Gen. Gadi Agmon participated in Ashdod for immigration and absorption, and the IDF’s image as “the people’s army will continue to allow a service to the General populations.”

תאריך: 13/02/2014, 16:07    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל


Director planning and personnel Manager (תומכ”א רח”ט) now, Brig. Gen. Gadi Agmon, participated yesterday (Tuesday) at Ashdod for immigration and absorption.
Brigadier General Agmon participated in a Panel on the impact of Israeli economic immigrants, referring to challenges and the importance of integrating immigrants alone. “I think our long strides in catching the melting reactor attach and seize. We got a box with a variety of colors and cultures, and should treat them “, said the Panel, adding that” we know to expand a different response to the diverse populations that come to the country, the better. “

Brigadier General Agmon told that the service otibedit, and about half of the boys enlist for combat roles. At the same time, even higher percentages of haolot moved to courses considered as quality roles. “All the tracks in the various units are open to immigrants. The IDF did not see it as fill missing, but when you open the service experience, said.

More likely to relieve some of that can, custom designed tests for immigrants before recruiting; And the tests in recruiting offices, applicants undergo security service can go in five different languages. “We are not considering them on Israel, but on the degree of integration,” said Brigadier General Agmon.

“The IDF is still with us, and will continue to be, the people’s army. It will allow to service populations and meets in IDF units, “said תומכ”א at the רח”ט Conference. “The combination of in the new society requires adjustments to reach populations and recruitment. This challenge first up, told the website.

Shshtef, תומכ”א רח”ט almond Committee of equal burden as manpower Division
And, and he also discussed the topic. “We certainly see a great combination, and
Also, combination lever for integration in industry and society, “he said.
“The IDF is interested in recruiting many populations and extensive as possible”, he concluded.

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