With the increase in security operations and warriors, who thwarted several attacks. “We will continue to work toward the security escalation in the security situation also recorded her.
In the K9 unit activity of its greatest warriors, who exploit the natural talents of a benefit
Security needs. In the period
The only recent thwarted three attacks. Just a few days ago has identified one of the dogs luggage
Fatal injury in Issawiya.

The dogs save lives of civilians.
And many members of the security forces. The unit, established in 1992, running along
All hours of the day and throughout the year. The only fighters are carefully selected and all very experienced,
Professional and motivated. Almost all are set.

The warriors and the dogs.
To all the police units that operate in the sector, including sabotage, detective, corporal units
And special units. The dog handler attached to the Department throughout the service.
Of the dog thus formed close contact between the special dog handler to his dog. At the end of the period, many of
The operators adopt the dogs home.

“In the last period of activity
K9 unit of c is very intense, but we will continue to do our job on the side.
The best for the peace and security of its citizens, “says the Commander, sergeant major living unit

Translated from Hebrew