Fit and healthy: 10 ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle

צילום: מיכל גלברד, דובר צה”ל

IDF combat fitness Championship is just the beginning: the IDF is in the process of uploading as a service. To help the effort, the IDF site presents ten tips for a healthy life style, school of combat fitness

תאריך: 22/10/2014, 10:50    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

Fit and healthy: 10 ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle

On the occasion of the month in the IDF, which opened the day at IDF commanders, IDF has four physical training instructors gathered ten tips to maintain lifestyle
Healthy and active.

1. drink water even in winter and when not sweating

Winter in open and lambda (readiness exercise) lifestyles, industry focuses on educating groups of officers and non-commissioned officers in five different sports, it is important to emphasize that even if the thirst sensation decreases — for the body. “Even if winter sweat less and lose less, must remember to drink,” emphasizes one of the counselors, corporal
Autumn Michaeli. Water fill stomach and giving a feeling of fullness, and also reduce wrinkles, “she adds with a smile.

2. eat right

Food an important part of maintaining a healthy body, and therefore need to know how to consume. “You have to eat balanced and healthy, 5-6 times a day. You must combine two fruits, and many vegetables, sharing another branch of Dah lifestyles, cpl. Cartari Katz. In addition
The timing of meals is important when it comes to exercising. “Until half an hour after a workout has to eat protein plus carbohydrate, muscle building and exercise properly.

3. lack of equipment is not an excuse.

Just as you can always find time to exercise, equipment for training not only exists in gyms. “You don’t need a gym to get exercise goal. Just need
Creativity, discover the world class headquarters Sergeant Noa Carmi. “With every rock or wood can do strength exercises, or find a way to make working with body weight. Another commander, cpl. Jonathan 22th of December adds that combatants in the field doing this.
“An isolated outpost, fighters can use a weight vest and accessory to booty exercises, and even the bench becomes a training device.

4. through our unique training

Even if sports isn’t the favorite hobby, there are many ways to make it an experience rather than punishment. “People don’t relate to sport can link it to things they love: make space activities, such as the sea or nature, to make songs playlist Favorites, and even friends who practice this step helps,” recommends cpl. Katz.

5. set goals

“Destination can be weight, develop muscle or getting to a particular result in a certain distance. By a specific target, we know what exercises to do to reach it.

6. be patient

“Like anything, either weight or strengthen the muscles involved in the process, and the body takes time to adjust. Have to work hard and never give up, “cpl. Michaeli concluded. “Hard fitness
To build, but it’s easy to lose “.

7. always have time

“Don’t have time” is a familiar excuse when it comes to avoiding exercise, but according to what you say, there is no such thing. “Effective training can take seven minutes,” explained cpl. Michaeli. “All you have to do is find three opportunities to devote 30
Minutes to practice “, specifies corporal Katz.

8. to pursue

In order to reach the destination you have posted to perform regular training and expertise in the field
. “You have to do some training, to persevere and not expect that one it seems that weeks training improved,” stresses symbol Carmi. “If the type specific training, we can reach the destination in the best possible way and to disperse.

9. work within the capacity

Desire and perseverance are important for success, but awareness of the body is important to health.
Sometimes the motivation and high load on the body excessively, and caused injuries.
That can be avoided by adapting the training to your fitness level, share cpl. 22th of December.

10. don’t forget to rest too.

Hard work and regular exercise are critical, but the rest of them is no less important. “People underestimate the value of rest. While resting my body getting stronger and better. The rest is part of the training, whether it’s maintaining sleep or practice “, determines spacing
CPL. 22th of December. The rest actually allows the practice. “During the training.
And muscle alone builds muscle itself, “explains Sergeant Carmi. “You have to allow it not to continue to ruin him without allowing him to,” noted.

Translated from Hebrew