Date: 24/09/2015, 18 the IDF spokesperson wishes to remind the general public visitors at driving carefully and according to instructions and to ensure that they do not inadvertently enter into area A in Judea and Samaria.
Entering area A, as is well known, is breaking the law. OC Central command order prohibits the entry of Israelis into the area A, point out that these areas are marked by a red sign warning against.
In order to allow Israelis to travel safely in command, both in security and safety aspects (due to entrance), citizens wishing to enter the territories in question to confirm their visit in advance and in accordance with procedures.
IDF forces deployed at any time in Judea, Samaria and the main traffic axes in order to meet the main survey and is protecting the residents of the area.
The IDF calls on the public to abide by the instructions to refrain from entering these areas and other forbidden areas throughout the country.
And coordinating telephone: 02-5305042

Translated from Hebrew

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