Haifa police officers direct traffic on routes leading to the event. Public convenience parking that participants in Haifa mioathant hosdro finish for preparedness “for the boys” to commemorate
The Druze to be held on Friday (30.10.15) on the Carmel Ridge.
Haifa station officers deploy to directing and regulating the movement of axes leading to the next
Hadid will be readyfor Hall in order to maintain the property and the security of the participants in the event.

Traffic arrangements, parking and airport shuttle:
There is probable vintage drivers traffic 70 at the Elyakim -721, 672 road and especially
On the early morning hours at 5:30 am and on distribution: 30-1:30 pm

Public convenience parking hosdro the participants especially for the event and to transport shuttles
Participants to the meeting and points her arrival to the parking:
The direction of route 70 intersection Eliakim 672 road are advised to park their cars in the parking lot.
The direction of route 2 or 4 boarding house lower pine junction on route 721
And park their cars in the parking lot. 
Not allowed in gthe axes and close them. Will increased enforcement will
Fines and tow vehicles. 
VIP parking is possible for senior officers and Chief Brigadier General steps
We invite and brother.
If on the day of the event will be stormy weather expected to be notified by the organizers of

Translated from Hebrew