Officers seized יס”מ activity in the laboratory, laboratory equipment, syringes, etc. A suspect was arrested and יס״מ nhakrshoteri Jerusalem arrived last (five) to present a search warrant for an apartment in the neighborhood of Abu Tor, Jerusalem, where a laboratory for growing mushrooms and kanbis plants. The lab seized syringes containing spores, chemical and biological equipment, laboratory equipment, ready-to-use mushrooms, dozens of suspected cookies contain a type of weed that the suspect made instead of several cultures for growing hallucinogenic and drugs.  All the material seized be given to laboratory testing.

The suspect, 36-year-old who lives in the area, admitted during questioning the Narcotics and hallucinogens and materials concoction claimed that doing this for. Against the suspect served already indicted for growing and manufacturing dangerous drugs and the case goes to court. The suspect’s detention was extended.

This is the seventh week disclosed by יס״מ officers. סנ״צ Mayer יס״מ Jerusalem Commander Namir, stated: the broad activities of security in the city, we are also against criminal and crime by another aspect for the safety of the town ירושלים״.

Translated from Hebrew